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    About us

    Hookah bar Yarkalyan #2 is a place where every guest can relax, take a break and enjoy delicious food, smoky hookahs and good service. Yarkalyan #2 is a cozy home and a close-knit family that always leave pleasant memories, which is why everyone wants to come back here again and again — to feel ‘that very’ atmosphere of comfort, joy and hospitality.

    Atmosphere and interior

    The interior design is a kind of constructor in a modern loft style, which allows easily assembling and disassembling the details of the bar, creating separate improvised rooms from each other.

    Yarkalyan #2 consists of two halls. The first one is a place where you can have fun, try different types of hookahs, enjoy delicious cocktails and chat with great bartenders at the bar (if you came alone).

    The second hall is a spacious terrace with comfortable low chairs and sofas, zones hung with light bulbs, the soft light of which creates an atmosphere of comfort. The terrace of the hookah bar allows you to relax, enjoying the view of Nemiga, the sights of Minsk and live music — every weekend different artists perform here, thereby complementing the evenings with positive emotions.


    The menu is based on European cuisine, both in the traditional form and in the author's interpretation. An interesting combination of ingredients, a special way of cooking, a unique design — the cooks are trying to make all the food tasty, wholesome and beautiful. The hookah bar team does not save on products or on their preparation, trying to preserve as many nutrients in the ingredients as possible by minimal thermal exposure.

    The menu consists of popular and favorite dishes. A special place here is given to burgers and pastes. Ingredients are prepared in-house: buns, minced meat, noodles, various sauces and much more. The pearl of Yarkalyan #2 is truly considered to be a powerful and juicy double burger: a soft bun, juicy cutlets, two cheeses and crispy vegetables — all this will not leave anyone indifferent.

    Sweet lovers will appreciate the incredibly tasty and unusual fondant, delicate and original coconut mousse cake with passion fruit sauce.

    You can come to lunch here from 12:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday. The lunch menu is updated every week and is dominated by dishes of European, Italian, Belarusian cuisine. Also there is a delivery from 20 lunches.


    The hookah bar presents its guests a wide selection of author cocktails using syrups and mashed potatoes of its own production, as well as unusual alcohol positions for Minsk bars, such as: ‘Pisco’, ‘Kashasa’ and ‘Mescal’.

    Organizational opportunities

    Yarkalyan #2 gives free rein to events. The hall can comfortably accommodate up to 60 people. Given the design of the hall, the arrangement at the request of the guest is always welcome at events. If you wish to create an individual menu, you can meet with the chef and discuss all the details of the event. In the summer, you can comfortably sit on the terrace overlooking the Svisloch.

    Perfect place! Thank you to the waiter Bogdan and Dmitry Kalyanchik for a wonderful stay, good service and mood creation! Well done guys!
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    Troickoe predmeste
    Burgers, Salad, Dessert, Steaks, Pasta, Soup, Hot snack
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    Address hookah bar «Yarkalyan #2»

    Minsk, Starovilenskaya st., 10
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